Cheshire OSET Cup

Event Info:

  • 13 Oct, 2019

7 rounds with 6 to count for the championship. Lowest score dropped.

We have 3 courses. Then we have it split into age classification.

Novice White Flags – Ideal for beginners, contains twists/turns, small banks etc. Sections achievable on a machine of any wheel size

Intermediate Yellow Flags – For the more experienced, twists/turns, banks and small obstacles. Recommended for 16” wheels and above.

Expert Red Flags - For the very experienced, twists/turns, larger obstacles. Recommended for 16” wheels and above. 

Medals are awarded at the start of the next round for the top 3 in each class with year end trophies for the championship. We have a merit of the day award given to the rider that has worked hard, used there manners, and enjoyed themselves.

Age range for riders

 4 – 12 year old

Dates and venue/ postcode of each round

Signing on from 9:30am

Rd 1 Sunday 17th March Mouldsworth Quarry CH3 8AN

Rd 2 Sunday 12th May Frodsham Caves WA6 6HB

Rd 3 Sunday 16th June Alvanley WA6 9HA

Rd 4 Sunday 14th July Kynastons LL20 7YH

Rd 5 Sunday 15th September TBA

Rd 6 Sunday 13th October Kynastons LL20 7YH

Rd 7 Sunday 17th November Alvanley Trials Ground WA6 9HA

Any other info a rider will need

All riders can turn up on the day even if no licence this can be arranged on your first event.

Always bring a good lunch with you as there is generally no catering facilities.

Contact info of host
Name: Ian & Joanne Mackman
Phone: 07958181323
Website link: