National Roundup - 2016 Season

National Roundup

In the first year of OSET Bikes sponsoring the ACU British Youth Trials Championship, we take a look back over the manufacturer’s season.

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Twenty six competitors took part in the D-Class and over 20 of them chose an OSET to compete on.  Ian Smith, founder and CEO of OSET Bikes, said: “In the space of just three years, the D-Class has changed to an almost entirely electric entry!  They are lighter, have no awkward kick start and OSET has now claimed 1,2,3 on the podium for three consecutive years.  That’s not a fluke – it’s the best riders on the best machines.”

The first round back in February took over eighty riders to a compact and, by the end of the day, a very muddy Bumpy. Arguably too small to accommodate over 80 riders, the organisers effectively utilised every square inch available to them. 

The deep mud made for difficult riding for the small wheeled OSETs and those that got on with it – certainly had the best of the course.  For those D-Class first timers at a national it proved to be a bit of a baptism of fire and a sharp lesson in hanging back vs course conditions.

D-Class Champion, Lewis Hurdsman pinned his intentions to the mast, finishing a clear first on his OSET!  And so the championship battle was underway!

A gap of three months, before the M5 filled with trials riders headed for a double round in Devon.  Good weather ensured the two venues were a joy to ride!  Technical, challenging, breathtaking views and a first and third for Lewis meant he was the lad to beat in the D-Class.

While the C and B Class enjoyed an extra round of big-wheeled riding in Shropshire, the three classes were reunited at Dob Park in West Yorkshire.  Here the entry was split for the first time – reducing queues and delivering 12 tough sections.  No ride throughs, meant every rider had to be at their best to keep dabs to a minimum.  Home turf played into the hands of George Hemingway who delivered an outstanding ride to finish first on his OSET 20.0.

August bank holiday and the championship headed to the home of trials at Cogden Hall, North Yorkshire.  Split course again was welcomed by the riders – ensuring all wheel-sizes were tested at a venue that offers everything – rocks, woods and rocky banks really delivered a great trial.  Enjoying a purple patch, George Hemingway again topped the podium.

With the championship in the bag, Lewis rode his OSET 20.0R to a comfortable third ensuring he finished on the podium at every round. The real battle came between Myles Hutchinson and George Hemingway.  Not letting go of his winning streak, George pipped Myles on most cleans – it could not have been closer!

Dominic Horne stepped up to the D-Class medium wheels to put the prototype OSET 24.0 through its paces.  Finishing second at every round he competed in, he was simply in a different league to everyone behind him!

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As families anticipate the 2016 trials calendar, OSET are looking forward to seeing new riders step up to the D-Class and welcoming grass root riders to its OSET Cups around the UK.  Every OSET rider on the podium in the last three years started their career at an OSET Cup – it’s an exciting championship to watch in the knowledge it’s the breeding ground of future champions!